How do I switch to Alliance Telecom?

To sign up with Alliance Telecom you can either call 1300 112 223 to speak to a representative, or enter your information in the New User section at www.alliancetelecom.com.au and we will process your request.

Why should I Join Alliance Telecom?

Alliance Telecom offers a wide range of products at extremely affordable rates to all international destinations, without compromising call quality and customer service.

How do I use the Service?

Once your number has been registered you simply dial 1414 before making any outgoing phone calls, excluding calls to1300, 1800 or 1900 numbers.

Does Alliance Telecom have Line Rental?

Does Alliance Telecom charge extra to pay at the post office?

We have recently introduced a fee to pay at Australia Post due to constant increase in their pricing. We charge a flat fee of $3.00 for each payment made at Australia Post. Other payment options such as Direct Debit, BPay, and payment over the counter at Westpac bank are free. Some services with Alliance Telecom are available only on Direct Debit via credit and debit card.

Do I get an extra discount if I mention Alliance Telecom to my family and friends?

Yes! You will receive $5 off your bill for each friend or family member that you bring to Alliance Telecom.

Does Alliance Telecom offer mobile and internet services.

Yes, we offer both the products. Please refer to our home page for more information on the latest products.

Does Alliance Telecom have its own mobile and internet networks?

No. Alliance Telecom use Vodafone for providing SIM only plans and AAPT for internet services

How long does it take to get a new connection or transfer an existing ADSL2+ connection?

For a new connection it takes up to 15 working days and for a churn from a participating provider of the rapid transfer process it usually takes up to 10 working days.

What other networks does Alliance Telecom use for providing ADSL2+ services?

Alliance Telecom primarily provides competitive plans on the AAPT network, but also use other networks termed as "Off net" to provide services to customers where there is no AAPT exchange in the area. These networks are IINET and Telstra and they generally are at a higher rate than services on AAPT network.

Does Alliance Telecom provide modems or routers?

No. Alliance Telecom does not provide these and recommends that they provide their own modems/ routers.